Hand-tie custom of Laotians (Updated!)

Coming to the country of elephants, you will be welcomed by the ritual of hand-tie which is believed to bring lucky to tourists. Baci is a traditional and important ritual of Laotians. This custom takes place to celebrate important events in an individual life including birth giving, marry, death, New Year, special guest receiving and so on.

Hand tied custom for New Year of Laotians.
Hand tied custom for New Year of Laotians.

The ritual is organized by the aged people in the region which include a round multi-floor – desk where some specialties cakes and fruits of Laos together with a number of white ties are presented. After reading the vows, the olds shall tie the ropes to the hands of attendants. Besides, the worshipping cakes and fruits are also divided among the guests. Nowadays, Baci becomes an important ritual in guest receiving of Laotians with an aim to give them luckiness. 
Thus, when you choose to live in some hotels in Laos, including Luang Prabang, you will be welcomed by this significant custom. In Sofitel Luang Pranang, this ritual is celebrated in a long stilt house which can contain up to 70 people. The hotel often organizes this ritual at the first night of tourists living there. 

A woman is getting a tie in her hand for some luck.
A woman is getting a tie in her hand for some luck.
This hotel is also the place where you can learn something about the traditional architecture of Laos as it was built on a ground of 100-year-old-villa of the Governor General. The hotel’s design is combined with French cultural and artistic architecture. The hotel is just about 4.5 km and 1km from the airport and the city centre respectively. From the hotel, it is easy to walk to visit Wat Manolom , Souphanouyong Statue, Laos Commercial Bank. In addition, tourists are provided with free bicycle to visit the city. 
You can enjoy the cultural identities of Laos in the decoration details inside the room. Every room is equipped with TV, free wi-fi, air conditioner, heater which help tourists to refresh after a long day. Some rooms also possess their own swimming pools. The room rate is from 250 USD/night (around 5 million dong). There is a small garden with lots of trees, sofa and outdoor bathtub together with each room which can bring a private atmosphere for tourists to relax.  
Besides, the hotel has its own restaurant, bar, swimming pool, gym, spa and hall. The restaurant is at the centre, surrounded with lots of green trees. It is of great romance at night when lights are turned on. Menu of the restaurant is varied, so tourists can enjoy different good foods of both Asia and Europe. The most outstanding dishes are grilled foods and buffalo meat – one of specialties of Laos. The restaurant opens from 6h30 to 22h every day. 
The hotel’s swimming pool is opened from 9:00 am to 21:00 everyday which is equipped with tower, swimming floats, glasses, long benches for sunbathing, sofa and so on. The swimming pool is surrounded with green trees and resting rooms. 
Spa opens everyday providing many different relaxing methods including traditional massage of Laos and Thailand. Gym is provided with advanced equipments and a yoga space serving the diverse demands of tourists.

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