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Songkran or Water festival in Laos (Updated!)

Meanings: Water festival is one of the traditional festivals of many Southeast Asia countries. The Laotians call it Bunpimary, The Thais calls it Songkran, Cambodians calls it Chol Chnam Thmey and Myanmar people call it Thingvan. The festival is organized with the significance of making people and everything refresh and prosperous. On these days people water each other to bless and wish for favourable weather, a happy New Year. Water festival in Lao is shortly called Bun which means giving alms to get alms. 

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Hand-tie custom of Laotians (Updated!)

Coming to the country of elephants, you will be welcomed by the ritual of hand-tie which is believed to bring lucky to tourists. Baci is a traditional and important ritual of Laotians. This custom takes place to celebrate important events in an individual life including birth giving, marry, death, New Year, special guest receiving and so on.

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