Bokeo Nature Reserve – Tourist Hidden Paradise of Laos

Bokeo is a western province of Laos with the metropolis of Houayxay which is located nearby Chiang Khong province of Thailand. Bokeo is not only interesting with a huge nature reserve, it is also known as the "Golden Triangle" of Laos, Thailand, Myanmar. Bokeo connects to the legendary stories about opium poppy, which starts up the imagination of tourists when traveling Bokeo.
Where to start to gibbon ride in Bokeo.
Where to start to gibbon ride in Bokeo.
Bokeo Natural Reserve was established in 2004 with the goal of preserving 120.000 ha primary tropical forest. This forest is the place of unique biodiversity with many different animals including tiger, bear, elephant, buffalo, gibbon, many kinds of birds and insects. 
Arriving here, you are putting your foot on an immense and imposing land with interesting small houses located on tree peaks. In Bokeo, tourists shall get an experience of swinging cables to move to the houses on the trees or experience the imbalance of the monkey bridges. The pristine beauty of Bokeo is the thing that attracts tourists to this destination. 
A part of Bokeo Natural Reserve has been planned to become cultivating land and support ecotourism. 
Gibbon Experience Tourist Resort is the operating and protecting agent of Bokeo Natural Reserve licensed by Laos Government since 2007. They are exploiting their resources with the orientation of protecting the nature, creating jobs for local people and supporting the locals in developing sustainable agriculture. This is said to be the model of ecotourism combined between discovering and protecting environment. Tourist coming here orally hand down each other about the beauty and attraction of Bokeo Natural Reserve. 
Wild monkey in Bokeo.
Some experience of discovering this land is to join in the Gibbon Experience adventure
with some kinds of animals living there.

A vaporous Bokeo through out your window in early morning. 
Tourists come here to be able to immerse into the pristine nature and cool and fresh atmosphere. 

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