A peaceful and romantic Vang Vieng

 It takes you several hours on bus from Vientiane to arrive in the peaceful town of Vang Vieng which is said to be a lovely stop in your trip discovering Laos.
A peaceful sunset in Vang Vieng.
Located around 150km from Vientiane, the small town of Vang Vieng is surrounded with immense mountain and forest. This town has long been famous for being a pretty attractive tourist attraction with cool and fresh air
the modern resorts in Vang Vieng.
Every year, Vang Vieng attracts a huge number of tourists for not the amazing architectures, modern resorts or expanded roads, but the simple and pristine beauty of a small city.
Vang Vieng is a pretty town on the bank of Nam Song River.
Taking the advantage of location which leans on the mountain and faces river, Vang Vieng is seen to be a peaceful countryside on the shores of Nam Song River.

the pristine beauty of Vang Vieng. 
The pristine beauty of Vang Vieng is revealed from the green of trees and a river flowing slowly all year round, winding through limestone mountains.
the nature inhabited life in Vang Vieng,
Putting your first step on Vang Vieng, you shall be surprised for the natural beauty that nature inherited this town. 
mendicant custom in Laos
The monks asking for food on Vang Vieng streets.
Tubing on Nam Song River, Vang Vieng.
Vang Vieng attracts tourists for some water sports which seem plain but are typical for this town.

Reveal Nam Song River with tubing, kayaking... 
Stop at Vang Vieng, tourists can relax in the grass camp set up on water; free your body on the floats to enjoy fresh air or rowing kayak to admire natural landscapes.
Authentic scenes of Vang Vieng with typical beauty of countryside.
Vang Vieng now is a destination for backpacking tourists from Asia to Europe. Anyone who pay visit to this country spend some days in Vang Vieng for relax and entertain.  
Get more fun with your friends on Nam Song River.
However, it cannot deprive the peaceful beauty of this town. After the busy time joining in sport activities, you can ride a bike along a river, fishing in quiet or reading books on the hammocks hung on coconut trees and admire sunset at the skyline. 
Vang Vieng also offers balloon experience with cheapest price ever.
Travelling by balloon to enjoy wonderful landscapes from above is a great experience for many tourists coming to Vang Vieng.
A romantic suspension bridge crossing Nam Song River.
Vang Vieng - the small town in quiet
Although Vang Vieng is fulled with tourists, the simple and peaceful beauty seems to be intact that makes fascinates the travellers. 
Despite the fact that numerous tourists come and go every day, Vang Vieng remains not hustle but peaceful as the daily life of a mountainous town. 
When the sun sets, Vang Vieng become busier with a Western Town where tourists can buy lots of different souvenirs or services at appropriate price and discover culture of the locals through their foods.

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