Eight Must-Visit Destinations in Northern Phu Quoc Island (Updated!)

Known as the raw gem protruding the sea of Vietnam, Northern Phu Quoc Island impresses visitors due to its pristine landscapes and engaging activities. If you are planning to visit the lovely island, don’t forget to put these eight must-visit destinations on your radar.

Dai Beach (Bai Dai) – A Place to Watch the Entire Dreamy Seascape 

Belonging to Phu Quoc district, amidst the Gulf of Thailand and Vietnam, Dai Beach owns the soft white sand beach, emerald sea, ancient forests spreading toward the sea. The fresh air also attracts travelers as it has the aroma of both the sea and jungle.

Eight Must-Visit Destinations in Northern Phu Quoc Island

It is the unspoiled beauty that the island brings tranquility and comfort to guests as soon as they set their foot on the land. It is also the reason why Dai Beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Vietnam.


Ganh Dau Cape – The Unspoiled Natural Scenery

Mentioning to Phu Quoc, most people think about Sao Beach or Thom Islet, while not many know the existence of Ganh Dau Cape that protrudes toward the sea in the Northwest of the island. The cape is a part of Ganh Dau Commune, Phu Quoc District. Notably, from the headland, you will see Koh Ses Islet and Bokor Mountain of Cambodia, or Ban Islet in the West.

Eight Must-Visit Destinations in Northern Phu Quoc Island

The very first impression of visitors when coming to the cape is an incredibly green space with the crescent-shaped beach embraces the surrounding trees. The sparkling sunlight reflects the clear water so that colorful coral reefs look bright. Besides, the pure ambiance, smooth white sand, and calm scene will blow your tiredness and pressure away.


Rach Vem Fishing Village – the Rustic of Nature and People on Northern Phu Quoc Island

Located in the North of Phu Quoc, about 25 kilometers from Duong Dong town, Rach Vem fishing village is the home to fishers. Heading to the site, you will have a chance to witness the rural and serene life of local anglers. When the sunset dyes the sky and sea orangeish – yellow, the laugh of naughty kids, the bark of dogs, and the chatting sound of villagers bring a feeling of peace and friendliness to visitors.

Eight Must-Visit Destinations in Northern Phu Quoc Island

Along the beach, you can quickly encounter bridge crossing the dreamy sea, several swings in between coconut trees, and simple houseboats, which promise to be a perfect background for your selfies. Also, enjoying fresh seafood on those floating houses is an indispensable activity when you come here.


The Kingdom of Starfish – The Unique Experience that Should Not Be Missed

In the best time of the year, when playful waves lightly hit the sand and the sun provides cozy light, starfish wearing a red coat will sunbathe on the beach. Due to the pristine nature, the starfish are free to immerse themselves in the turquoise water and white sand. It is a precious moment for visitors to capture unique colorful photos of white sand, yellow sunlight, blue sea, and red starfish.

 Eight Must-Visit Destinations in Northern Phu Quoc Island

Turtle Island (Hon Doi Moi) – The Best Sunset View on Northern Phu Quoc

Turtle Island is considered the best destination to watch the sunset in Phu Quoc. The moment when the sun slowly approaches the horizon is the most magical time. All the most quintessential and pristine beauty on the landmass creates a romantic and poetic scene that makes people cannot forget.


Pepper Farms – An Exclusive Experience of Phu Quoc Island

Another tourist attraction in Phu Quoc is pepper farms with open space and thousands of red peppers hanging on green plants. Additionally, visiting the farms, travelers have an opportunity to witness and participate in the process of growing and producing peppers.

Eight Must-Visit Destinations in Northern Phu Quoc Island

The best time to visit is when the peppers are ripe, from November to February (in lunar calendar), each bunch of ripe pepper hidden behind green leaves, producing charming scenery.


Vinpearl Land – the Entertaining Paradise

With an area of 170.000 square meters, Phu Quoc Vinpearl Land is invested in becoming the most extensive modern amusement park complex in the Southwest region of Vietnam. Thanks to the Vinpearl, the beautiful Phu Quoc island becomes a leading resort and entertainment destination in Vietnam for domestic and international visitors.

Eight Must-Visit Destinations in Northern Phu Quoc Island

Activities in the park are diverse and suitable for people of all ages, including extreme sports, fun games for children, and energetic performances and parades. You also don’t want to miss particular recreations in the Aquarium and Water Park.


Vinpearl Safari – the Wonderland of Animals

Voted as the best tourist attraction in Northern Phu Quoc island by reputable travel websites in the world, Vinpearl Safari  - the reserve of rare animals, is a must-visit destination when you come to the island.

Eight Must-Visit Destinations in Northern Phu Quoc Island

With about 1.200 plants and 150 animals, Vinpearl Safari is the first and biggest semi-natural zoo in Vietnam to take care of and protect wild animals, which is built based on the world safari standards. Coming to the zoo, you will have a chance to immerse yourself in the wild living environment vibrantly and realistically, sightsee, watch performances, and interact with those lovely animals.


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